Sunday, September 20, 2009

9-12 Nonsense

My landlord, Guy, is a pretty big fool.  He held me hostage for about 45 minutes yesterday afternoon so he could rant about how "there was a MASSIVE protest on 9-12 that the "mainstream media" missed!".

I don't know how many of you heard about this fox news fabrication, but I told him what I knew.

Me:  "I read that fox news invented this 9-12 movement to protest Obama.  I guess Glenn Beck was hyping it?"

Guy:  "Where did you read that?  Cause none of the big corporate news outlets got it!"

Me:  "Well, the New York Times, for one.  And Fox News was covering it extensively.  I mean, they are the most watched cable news station.  Pretty mainstream."

Guy:  "Well, everyone else missed it.  I mean, it was massive!  I had friends there, and there were funny posters and signs and stuff."  FYI:  Guy is not an avowed Fox Watcher, though he said his main source of info on this event came from a blog he is a member of ("It has over 9000 members!")

Me: "Well what were they protesting?"

Guy: "Spending!"

Me:  "Seems like they were just protesting Obama.  I mean, I heard it was "astroturfing", sponsored by some really well-endowed conservative lobbying corporations."

Guy:  "Well no!  It was totally by the people.  No sponsorship.  You know, real people who can only give a little. Also, just because there were no white people they said it was RACIST!"

Me:  "Hmmm..."

At that point, knowing that Guy is a real paranoid who sees conspiratorial connections in many unlikely places I decided to let him run the conversation.  He and I did agree that government is essentially the tool of corporate interests, but I'm sure our solutions to the problem would be entirely opposed.  Inevitably the one-sided discussion turned to finance and "the government printing money to solve the problem".  I have little say about things that are artificial and imaginary tools for rich people to get richer, so I couldn't speculate alongside his wild suspicions.

Anyway, in case you haven't been following this 9-12 nonsense as obsessively as myself I will include some commentary links.  It is bound to amuse.

No corporate sponsors!?  Take a look at their own website with its "grassroots" sponsorship: 9-12 DC
Of course, the various sponsors are not blatantly corporate, but it is fact that they are astroturfing offshoots of big lobbying entities:Freedom?Works?
(@, I really love the use of red fists pumping over the capitol!  Radical!)

Mainstream media! Grrrr! You LIE!

It was a massive protest against spending!  I really got off on this assertion, mostly because of the fraudulent reporting on the size of the event.  Between 1-2 million people!  No, more like 60,000

Also, was it really about spending?

Smaller Gov't!!!  Really, how stupid are these people?

Finally, I really love Bill Moyers.

Once again, thanks goes out to Fox News for  sowing the idiotscape with the seeds of idiocy.


  1. The Fox News conservatives in this country must radiate gamma waves, because every time I see, hear, or read about them, I want to turn into the Incredible Hulk.

  2. should I fear Guy if I'm so lucky as to meet him tomorrow?

  3. maybe he'll think it's you who smashed his windows after he comes across this blog