Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Award for Most Obnoxiously Nonsensical Goes to: WYDOH

Whenever I wish to leave Rawlins, I must traverse distances previously deemed unacceptable to my "Boston is too far away to visit" homebody mentality.  Needless to say, on these lengthy journeys not much stands out amidst the very dusty plains of southern Wyoming.  That is, not much but the ridiculously conceived Wyoming Department of Health anti-secondhand smoking billboards littering the landscape.  Say what you may about smoking and secondhand smoking, these slogans are still abysmal in their attempt at...well I don't know what they are attempting.

Here is an example I see often:

 Figure that one out, children.
Other examples include:
"Over my secondhand smoked body"
"Secondhand smoke two birds with one stone"
"Hard work never secondhand smoked anybody"
"Curiosity secondhand smoked the cat"
"Silent but secondhand smokely"
" 'Til secondhand smoke do us part"
"Don't secondhand smoke the messenger"
"Ding dong, the witch is secondhand smoked"
and my personal favorite, "Who secondhand smoked and made you boss?"

I want to secondhand smoke this messenger for being annoying.  Also, I highly doubt that including fine print at the bottom of each board is a wise idea if your goal is to save lives.  Good job.

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  1. I really really thought that you were making those up until I saw the picture. Silent but secondhand smokely?

    I really can't believe that somebody thought this made sense.